ProwiK® represents the state of the art in technical apparel. It has been designed for the athlete or professional that will not settle for second best. 

  1. 100% Nylon Helix micro fiber knit

  2. Invasan AM 110 Anti Microbial anti odor system

  3. 100% Made in U.S.A.  insures quality and product safety

  4. UPF 50+ sun protection rating for the ultimate in UV-A and UV-B protection

  5. Stain release and anti static properties insure comfort in a non cling non staining fabric

Is ProwiK® fabric made from simple nylon fibers?
ProwiK® fabrics are designed to transport moisture away from the body and enhance fabric drying rate thus, keeping you feeling cool, dry and more comfortable. ProwiK® fabrics deliver performance and comfort through the use of proprietary nylon fibers with unique engineered nano-channel helix sections and/or specially engineered two sided,
denier gradient fabrics made using ProwiK® qualifiable nylon or nylon yarns.

Is ProwiK® a treated nylon?
No, ProwiK® is not a treated nylon nor is it a simple nylon microfibre. The performance of ProwiK® is inherent in the fiber structure itself providing consistent performance wash after wash.

What's the difference between ProwiK® fabrics and other nylon fabrics?
ProwiK® fabrics are specially designed to provide not only superior moisture management, but also to enhance the wearer's comfort through a remarkably soft hand. The technically advanced nano-engineered fibers in ProwiK® fabrics provide enhanced breathability (called "air permeability" by the tech crowd) that differentiate ProwiK® from generic all other nylon fabrics, which use standard round fibers. Air permeability is one of our key performance tests that fabrics must pass before they can be sold as "ProwiK®". All of the benefits of ProwiK® fabrics are permanently built right into the fiber, requiring no chemical treatments like those other wicking fabrics.

Why are ProwiK® fabrics more comfortable?
Moisture management + breathability equals total comfort. Our exclusive 100% nylon based fabric is the softest and most comfortable microfiber ever developed.

Do garments made from ProwiK® require special care?
Most garments made with ProwiK® fabrics are machine washable and dryable; however, fabric softeners and chlorine bleach should not be used. Some garments may require special care because of the garment style, not the fabric. It is best to read the care label inside the garment. Energy Saving Tip! Because ProwiK® is so quick drying, you really don't need to use your dryer! Simple hang up the garment right out of the washer and in very short order the material will be dry and have that "pressed" look!

Can you silk screen print on ProwiK®?
To maintain the outstanding drying performance of ProwiK® fabrics, we recommend heat transfer printing over silk screening. Light coverage silk screen designs may be acceptable. Remember not to cover areas where sweat output is great if you are serious about maximum performance!

Can I dye my ProwiK® t-shirt?
No, ProwiK® is made from proprietary nylon fibers, and nylon requires special dye procedures. You can however sublimate the material for a high tech finish and maximum performance.

Can ProwiK® be worn year-round?
Yes. In cold weather, ProwiK® is a great base layer, especially during high aerobic activities. It's superior moisture management will keep the bone-chilling perspiration away from your skin and move it to the outer layers for evaporation. Remember, you can't stay warm if your body's wet!

What are the advantages of ProwiK® vs. cotton?
Besides its positive effect on maintaining body core temperature, ProwiK® is fast drying, breathable, and resists fading, shrinking and wrinkling.

What colors ProwiK® available in?

Red,. Black, Yellow, Royal Blue, Titanium, Carolina Blue, Navy, White, Green

What sizes is ProwiK® available in?

We make the product in long and short sleeve for just about every size athlete on the planet from four feet ten inches tall and 70lb to seven feet four inches and 475 pounds and everything in between we have the most technical gear on the planet in a size to match you! CLICK HERE FOR THE  ProwiK® SIZE CHART


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