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Dry, Inc was founded by sports enthusiasts. We are dedicated to producing the most sophisticated technical apparel available for both the professional athlete and those who are serious about making the most of their athletic experience.

With an emphasis on comfort and performance, we have designed our gear to provide you with the most technically advanced moisture management available on the market today.

From our proprietary water repellent yet breathable DRYSHIRTs and DryGuards to the ProwiK channel matrix system, no other brand offers you the amazing range of properties like Dry, Inc.

We specialize in making private label team gear for professional athletes and sports teams, colleges, high schools and other organized sports.

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Long Sleeve UPF 50+

The loose fit DRYSHIRT™ utilizes material that takes advantage of revolutionary technology. This is not a standard "Moisture management" shirt that simply wicks away sweat. Our material is much more sophisticated and takes advantage of a proprietary fluorocarbon technology that allows the material to literally assist in your own body's thermoregulation process! Through nanotechnology, our clothing remains water repellent from the outside while allowing sweat to breath through the fabric from the inside out giving you the most comfortable environment available.


Also available in compression fit.

There is nothing on the market today that is anything like the with our exclusive Arid Core Technology™ (ACT).

Professional athletes in the NFL have chosen the DRYSHIRT™ because as they said in their own words-

"The DRYSHIRT allows me to keep my mind off my gear and keep my head in the game..."

(World champion Pittsburg Steelers)

If you are looking for a performance advantage over your competition then the DRYSHIRT is a key piece of equipment you must own. Both water repellent and breathable, the revolutionary Arid Core Technology material will keep you better thermo-regulated than any other product on the market today. When the weather turns for the worse, turn to the DRYSHIRT™ and DryGuard™ for the ultimate in performance advantage.



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Martial arts
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